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Home is the dream of God. Establishing a Home for God's people to dwell with Him and for God to dwell with His people. A Home where the presence of God is established through family and relationships. We believe that as a Home for God, Love is the primary objective of our lifestyle. Loving God and loving people.


How can we say that we love God but we don't love people or vise versa, how can we say we love people but don't love God. Our mission is to disciple people through love, relationship and understanding. We as a ministry want to be Jesus' ambassadors here on earth. 

Being an ambassador is being different and at Home we want to teach with our lifestyle what it is to be different and what it takes to be different. We cannot say we are different if we still act and behave like others, being different is literally doing the opposite of our bad emotions; in other words doing the opposite of everyone else. We at Home like to do the hard stuff, loving those who do not love us back, forgiving, sharing real life temptation, confronting each other, etc. 

We want to build real leaders that can one day bring a revolution to this world. 



Our vision at Home is established through knowing that we are here to do what JESUS did when He came for the first time and it was bringing HEAVEN CULTURE on Earth. When we die, we get to go back Home where we belong. Meanwhile it is our duty to establish Heaven on Earth or in other words HomeCulture. 

It is our duty as ambassadors to establish what God has called us to do through our life. For centuries we have seen the church of God do things that we shouldn't do as God's people and the result of that is people hating or bashing on God or His people, well, God has called us to restore His image and His church's image. 

We believe in restoration and we will restore the Image but by not preaching with words but with actions, with our life, with our testimony. 




The goal behind our clothing is to inspire a conversation. We want our clothing to be the Great Commission, to trigger Godly conversations, we believe that this can be a way of Evangelism. We want everybody that wears HomeCulture products to field identified and loved. 

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